Traffic Safety Training Program

About Us

The Traffic Safety Training Program (TSTP) aims to bring awareness to impaired driving in Michigan and to serve as a resource for prosecutors and law enforcement handling traffic safety crimes.  Its mission is to help increase the successful prosecution of alcohol and drug-impaired drivers in order to make Michigan’s roads safer for all users.  The program, which is made up of two training prosecutors and a conference coordinator, puts together reference materials and trainings to help prosecutors of all experience levels in handling traffic safety cases from Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) to advanced vehicular homicide.  The TSTP assists on charging decisions, pretrial motions, trial preparation, and sentencing issues that arise in traffic safety cases.  The TSTP provides trainings online and in person on topics that will help prosecutors and law enforcement effectively investigate, prosecute, and testify in court on these cases.  The training prosecutors also serve as liaisons between prosecutors and Michigan’s traffic safety community with the goal of better coordination in the prosecution of traffic safety crimes.